RISAM Srl has always been able to develop and innovate products such as screw jacks thanks to its distinctive engineering and the use of the best materials in the production process.
RISAM Srl offers two main product lines and models of screw jacks: trapezoidal spindle and rotating spindle screw jacks. In addition, RISAM offers motorized versions or motor mounting flanges and couplings, a wide range of spindle end and spindle head, anti-rotation systems, recovery backlash, both mechanical and electronic limit switch systems, swaying systems, metal bellows, other special applications and products made according to the customer’s design specification.
Trapezoidal screw jacks are designed to be irreversible and support applied loads without sliding.



Design, assembly and trial 

RISAM has been working in the aerospace sector for almost 10 years cooperating with important companies such as Leonardo, Airbus and Agusta.
According to paragraph G21: from development and assembly up to trial, RISAM is your reliable partner in drive technologies and planetary gears.
RISAM develops and manufactures drive systems for extended and retracted landing lights and infrared systems for important airlines in the fields of search and rescue and VIP-transport, collaborating for Airbus A-318 / A 321 for fixed-wing aircrafts.
RISAM is regularly audited by its customers and evaluated with a monthly KPI rating.
RISAM offers support in design, prototyping, assembly and final testing ensuring reliability, quality products, punctuality and 100% control of the production process.


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